Theanswers is an educational blog that help you choose the right answers and pass your “Coursera Weekly Challenges”, “LinkedIn Skill Assessments” and more! which is developed in WordPress.

Key Features:
– Responsive Design
– Customizable Themes
– Insightful Post’s
– SEO Optimization
– Social Media Integration
– Contact Form Integration
– Multilingual Website
– Social Sharing
– Search Bar

Technologies Used:
– WordPress CMS
– Customized WordPress themes and plugins
– HTML/CSS/JavaScript for customization
– Integration with google analytics and search console tools for tracking website performance
– Integration with Google AdSense.

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It was fantastic working with Devendra.
16 June 2024

He is thorough with his job and could instantly locate my issue of rejection of app. Since he has worked earlier with Google, his understading of where your project may stuck is exceptional. Looking forward to have his services even further.

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